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For tractors, backhoes, graders, loaders, scrapers and plows.

case hardened in accordance with ASTM E18 Standards

New Styles Available:
V-Bar, Two Link,Boron Alloy,
Diamond with wear Bars

Specific application recommendations click here.

ladder snow chains
Ladder Style
Tire Chains
Road Chain
Available in Rockwell 56, 10B21, two link, and V-Bar Styles
Installation Instructions
Studded tire chains

Studded Ice
Tire Chains

High Strength Alloy
(not recommended on blacktop)
Recommended for ultimate traction.
Rides high on deep tread.

For Additional Pics and Instructions, please see Studded Style Tractor Chains
diamond tire chains for loaders
European Diamond Style
Tire Chains

High Strength 10B21
with Wear Links.
Smooth Ride.
Easy installation with integrated tensioner.
Pattern keeps chain out of the deep rubber.
For Additional Pics and Instructions, please see European Style Tractor Chains
diamond grader snow tire chains

Diamond Pattern
Tire Chains
Extra Heavy Duty

10B21 Alloy Steel

Available in thickness as heavy as 7/16 thick.

For Additional Pics and Instructions, please see Diamond Pattern Style Tractor Chains

Select your tire size
(see the sidewall of your tire- click here)


16.00-25 21.00-29 30.5L-32 550/65-25
13.00-25 17.5-25 21.00-35 35x65-33 555/70-25
14.00-20 18.00-25 23.5-25 385/95-24 600/65-25
14.00-21 18.00-24 24.00-25 395/85-20 650/65-25
14.00-24 18.00-26 24.00-29 41X14X20 705/70-25
14.00-25 18.00-33 24.00-33 43X16X20  710/70-38
14.75-80R-20 20.5-25 26.5-25 44/18.00-20  750/65-25
15.5-25 21.00-24 26.5-29 755/70R25
16.00-20/21 21.00-25 29.5-25 420/70-24 800/65R-32
16.00-24 21.00-28 29.5-29 445/65-19.5

Grader Loader Tire Chains Application Recommendations**
Tire Chains Ratings

Tire Chains Type

Tire Chains Traction Tire Chains Lateral Stability Tire Chains Ride Quality Tire Chains Durability Tire Chains Pavement Tire Chains Steep Terrain Tire Chains Steering Tire Chains Ice Traction Tire Chains Skid Steer Tire Chains on Turf Tread Tire Chains Deep NHS or AG Tread Tire Chains Industrial Tread Pettibone Tire Chains
4 Link Spacing Tire Chains
2 Link Spacing Tire Chains
4 Link Spacing V-BarTire Chains
2 Link Spacing V-BarTire Chains
Duo GripTire Chains
Duo Grip V-BarTire Chains
Duo LadderTire Chains
Duo Ladder V-BarTire Chains
Double RingTire Chains
Studded High Strength AlloyTire Chains
Reinforced NetTire Chains
RubberTire Chains

*Clearance - check your owner's manual for your specific vehicle tire chains clearance requirements.
**The above recommendations are general tire chains use guidelines.Our Tractor, Grader and Loader Tire Chains at a maximum vehicle weight of 10 tons and are not to be used for lifting, skidding or towing purposes.