Tire Chains
Truck Emergency Unit Chains

Unit Chains are strap on emergency tire chains designed for fast, simple installation.  Fits truck tires with a spoke wheel with a minimum 1" hole.
These tire chains are referre to "12-9-9" which means there are 12 twisted links with 9 straight links attached to each end. 

Tire Chains Unit Chain


Tire Size


Cost Per Unit

12-8-8 10.00-15TR, 10.00-20,
10.00-22, 10-22.5
45.7 inches

$22.29 per pair
includes Quick Link

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12-9-9 11-22.5, 11-24.5, 11.00-20,
11.00-22, 11.00-24, 12-24.5
49.3 inches $22.29 per pair
includes Quick Link

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Attach quick link pulled through side
chain to avoid putting tension on quick links.


  1. Pass the chain through the holes in the rim and position the cross chain on the middle of the tire tread.
  2. Then pull the draw chain tight . At least 1 piece per drive wheel must be fitted.
  3. IMPORTANT: Do NOT put any chain on a tag axle. Tag axle is a dead axle usually located to the rear of the drive axle. It is a drag axle used to spread over other axles.

CAUTION:Emergency Tire Chains are legal in all states. However, emergency tire chains are meant for short distances only and may not be legal when state authorities post "TIRE CHAINS REQUIRED" ordinances on highways. Emergency tire chains are an excellent traction aide when you are already stuck or anticipate getting stuck. Their easy installation and removal make them an ideal safety item in all vehicles.Emergency chains are designed for emergency short term use only! Emergency chains are not designed for any continuous driving. Another restriction of use is that these types of products can only be used with slotted wheels. In addition, we always recommend the use of at least one pair per drive tire, mounted opposite of each other. The purpose of these devices is only to get the vehicle UN-stuck from a parking lot, driveway, side street, etc. Emergency chains must be removed before continuous driving.