Tire Chains Pliers

33.5" Tire Chains Pliers
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Professional x-large and large
For 3/8 inch and larger tire chains.
33.5" long for large tractor and Heavy Duty tire chains.
Or the 18" Handle uses the same jaw but shorter for compact Storage.
Dual purpose jaws. One side closes tire chains cross chain hooks.
The other side is an overlapping jaw to spread tire chains hooks.
Heat Treated, alloy steel jaws - opens and closes tire chain/swing chain cross links. -- Toggle Joints on the 33.5" plier turns 50lbs hand pressure to 4000 lbs cutting pressure to make repairs quick and easy.

Truck SUV Tire Chains Plier
Truck and SUV
Rubber Cushioned Handles
For 1/4 inch Tire Chains Repair
For Pickup Truck and SUV Tire Chains.

Truck SUV Tire Chains Plier
Tire Chains Truck Plier
Works with 5/16 size tire chains.
tire chain repair plier for cars
Car and Small Garden Tractor

For Tire Chains that are .218 and smaller
This chain tool is also used
theater industry for hanging curtains.
Type/Length Tire Chains Plier Description Price Order
X-LARGE - 33.5" TRACTOR - Orange Handle part #7302 $117.94 Add to Cartin stock
X-LARGE - 30" HK Porter 0390MLN Linkmaster - Made in USA Similar to our Tractor - Orange Handlepart #0390MLN $198.65 Add to Cartin stock
LARGE- 18" Handle TRUCK - Orange Handle part #7303 $99.31 Add to Cartin stock
Medium TRUCK - Blue Handlepart# 7304 $49.65 Add to Cartin stock
Medium - 13" TRUCK, SUV, ATV, Garden TractorRed Cushion Handle part# 7305 $43.44 Add to Cartin stock
SMALL - 6.5" CAR and SMALL Garden Tractor SilverHandlepart# 7301 $18.62 Add to Cartin stock

Skidder/Large Tractor
Chains Installation Tool

Skidder Chains Tool
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Installation Tool
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SAVE - $31.04
Tool Set
includes 33.5" Pliers,
and Install tool
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