Tire Chains Length Adjustment using Heavy Equipment Locking Repair Pin Couplers Shackle

These couplers are forged hardened for excellent for cross chain and side chain repair/adjustment.
The roll pin is tapped into the coupler to hold chain securely in place.

These forged pin coupler shackles are specifically designed for joining or repairing net & diamond pattern style tire chains on skidders, loaders, & graders.
These are designed to be closed by pounding the spring pin into place with a hammer. This product can also be used in general industrial chain applications. DO NOT use this product for overhead lifting, cargo control, or rigging applications.

The advantage of the this method is that it may be possible to not need to remove or cut the chain for proper fitting.

Tire Chains long
This pic shows the chain at 36"

tire chains adjusting
One coupler takes up nearly 4"
tire chains with repair pin couplers
2 couplers take up nearly 8"
Pin coupler opened shackle
Coupler Open
pin coupler closed
Coupler Closed.
tire chains with pin coupler
Garden Tractor
snow chains pin coupler shackle repair link
Large Tractor

locking pin coupler shackle repair link

Approx. Material Size Price Each Price Each
6mm - 1/4 inch $4.96 Add to Cart
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7mm - 9/31 inch $6.2 Add to Cart
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8mm - 5/16 inch $7.43 Add to Cart
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10mm - 3/8 inch $11.16 Add to Cart
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16mm - 5/8 inch $17.37 Add to Cart
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